Standards and Principles of Musicians’ DIY Fight Club


These are some standards and principles which I believe are fantastic to have and hold as you musicians go out into the battlefield! ENJOY!- TK

  1. NO musician should EVER work for free, unless it is for a charity related event!
  2. We will NEVER, EVER, pay to play any show!
  3. We will be vigilant about staying educated about the music industry and how it works, so that we are not easily deceived about its semantics or misuse of terminology by those who wish to take advantage of or deceive us for their own ends!
  4. We will NEVER, EVER pay RENT to a venue to play a show!
  5. We will work as a community to be our own press- peer reviewing shows, albums, videos, etc., through our own blogs, printed publications, and radio shows- sharing our experiences about the industry and educating others of how to avoid deceptive practices.
  6. We will seek alternatives to venue based shows, such as house parties, busking, and any other means we can think of. We will come up with creative ways to put the power back into the musical community and take it away from those who wish to utilize deceptive practices.
  7. The only venue based shows we will book are with venues who offer a reasonable pay structure to the bands and are transparent about that payment procedure.
  8. We will NOT play venues that take a percentage of our merchandise sales!
  9. We will expose any individual or group PUBLICLY who seeks to take advantage of us in any way, so the musical community is fully aware of the dangers of working with them. We will not fear doing this (IE, being blacklisted from working with said groups or individuals or others they know) but will instead understand that we are working to preserve the integrity of the musical community.
  10. WE WILL NOT kiss the asses of or make any special efforts to hang out with or “befriend” the middle men! We will build strong alliances within our OWN community of musicians, and help EACH OTHER by all means possible without sucking up to these people! There is no honor in kissing ass! Stop doing it!
  11. We will work hard to promote our shows, build our draw organically, write better music all the time and VALUE WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO! WE WILL NOT allow anyone else to determine our value! WE WILL DETERMINE OUR OWN VALUE AND WE WILL SET OUR STANDARDS HIGH! WE will build our draws and our reputations by being strong, continuing to produce great music and work with the RIGHT PEOPLE! It’s not about being nominated for awards, what other people write about you, or any of that superficial crap! Produce the best music you can, work hard to promote yourself, and surround yourself WITH ONLY THOSE WHO VALUE YOUR WORK! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!