In “Pre”view: Devil Killing Moth’s “A Night In the Life Of”

A Night In The Life Of” is Houston, Texas’s Devil Killing Moth’s first album as a full five piece band.

Here’s the lowdown on their current lineup, the who’s who, and the who does what!


Dan Oviedo– vocals and 12-string guitar

Anton De Guzman– guitar and back-up vocals

Ryan Galbraith– Drums

Chris Dunaway– bass and back-up vocals

Hector Oviedo– djimbe and sometimes everything.


(From their Facebook page):”Based out of Houston, Texas, DKM is a 5-piece band that bring its own flare in the eclectic Houston music scene. From various backgrounds and upbringing, the collaboration of these guys have always put a stop on finding the best way to describe their sound. Listen to a couple of their songs from the last album “Once I Used to Dream” and see if you can pinpoint the sound. But whether there is a genre for DKM or not, its music still resounds in genuine message of believing that everyone is capable of great things.”


If you want a band that will take you on an ass kickin’ mind trip, this is gonna be the album for you! I’ve been following these guys ever since they were a three piece and thought they were the bomb then, but this album truly brings the band into its fullest expression of awesomeness yet. The best way I can describe Devil Killing Moth’s sound is an adventure through a psychedelic, percussive, tribal acoustic ionosphere. It’s beautiful stuff, people, and it’s something truly uplifting to the soul. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the tracks on “A Night In The Life Of“:

Bright Stereo:  Starts with an acoustic intro: “I know what you want, I know what you got, I know what need, I know what you’re thinking”… then builds into an avalanche of heavy acoustic bliss and vocal harmonies….. at the end they chant again to remind you that they “know what you want, know what you need and know what you’re thinking”! This song will make you want to hit “rewind” and hear it many more times. It’s SUPER catchy.

Oscar: Mix of percussive tones, darker chord progressions, almost like a tribute anthem of sorts to a dear friend. Very capturing song.

Mind Boots: Trippy  guitar into, then it goes into full on fast paced, full jam mode…. Daniel passionately singing “live forever” really makes you feel like you will. You will hear DKM in tribal chanting mode! This song made me want to get up and go run a marathon!!

Get Up: Reggage feel at the beginning… you will be bopping’ your head right along with them. Chris on vocals “get up, put up, shut up until you start to get it down”…. love it… drums are TIGHT. This is one of my favorites.

Chuey Kabluey: Slower, mind bending psychedelic guitar layers, lush reverbs on the vocals and guitars. BEAUTIFUL! Definitely a groove for a mellow, chillin’ sunny day.


You can buy Devil Killing Moth’s “A Night In The Life Of” at WALTER’S on FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016! They will be playing at 11PM!

Also on the bill are local bad asses Only Beast, who are opening the show, Nashville’s Linear Downfall, who are going on second, and closing out the night is Houston’s own Rex Hudson! 

There will also be live painting by Black Cassidy and a photo booth for your enjoyment!

DOORS ARE AT 8PM. Cover is $10 AT THE DOOR, and $7 IN ADVANCE  ( for advance tickets)







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